About Mariana Jewelry

About Mariana Jewelry

about mariana jewelry

Description of Mariana Jewelry

Mariana Jewelry was founded in 1997, as a creative outlet for Mariana's fascination with color. Color is the hallmark, inspiration and foundation for all of Mariana's designs. She is fascinated with how color families interact with each other, and how the colors in her jewelry can express a person's inner spirit and mood.

In her words, "There are no neutral colors. Every color can make a statement about who we are and what we are feeling."


mariana jewelry bio

Mariana Jewelry Bio

Mariana Ravid's jewelry creations are born out of a fascination with the past. An avid student of Classical, Renaissance, and modern design, she seeks to combine all her inspirations into something that is brand new. Mariana's work is a reminder of ancient beauty, but also a modern retelling with contemporary flavor. The diversity of her jewelry pieces flow from the number of her influences. Her work is featured in jewelry houses around the world, and has a loyal fanbase in numerous countries.

In 2015 Mariana updated her company byline to "Live in Color" to reflect her fascination with how color reflects personality. Before this the byline was "Spirit of Design."

Read our interview with Mariana here.


mariana jewelry info

Mariana Jewelry Info


  • Classical Art
  • Renaissance Era Jewelry
  • Current Trends
  • Color Relationships
  • Expressing the Spiritual through the Tangible


Mariana releases two collections a year: A Spring/Summer collection and a Fall/Winter collection. Each collection is based on a theme and features 8-12 color ways that are consistent with the collection theme. Oftentimes her collections will call back to the past, or to a whimsical and happy theme. 

Click here to view Mariana's current and past collections.


Guardian Angels

Mariana's most popular jewelry style is her Guardian Angel jewelry. Guardian Angels feature a beautiful crystal flower design in the front, and a cherubic guardian angel stamp in the back. Each Guardian Angel piece comes with a card that says the following:

"A wise person once said, 'I believe in angels; that they're always near, whispering encouragement whenever clouds appear, protecting us from danger and showing us the way, performing little miracles within our lives each day.'

Mariana designed the Guardian Angel Collection in the spirit of belief in angels. With this belief, Mariana's Guardian Angel pendants allow you to give the woman you love the protection, guidance, and hope of an angel to watch over her every day."

See our Guardian Angel stock here!


Special Orders

Mariana rarely discontinues her items, which means that customers can special order Color Ways from past collections that have inspired them. Special orders take approximately 6-8 weeks, and are no additional cost.

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    Official Information


    Mariana & Ronen Ltd.
    3 Hayozmah st. Kfar-Saba 4442216






    mariana jewelry details

    Mariana Jewelry Details


    • Handmade in Israel
    • Platings: Yellow Gold, Silver Plating, Rose Gold, English Gold, and Black Plating
    • Mariana's plating contains no nickel, except for the Yellow Gold Plating
    • Uses Swarovski Crystals, Semiprecious Stones, and Faux Pearls
    • Jewelry pieces can be ordered in any plating, and in any color way

    Jewelry Care

    Wipe regularly with a jeweler's cloth. All silver jewelry will develop a natural patina over time. Do not clean with chemicals. Avoid water, lotions and perfume. 



    Mariana features a Lifetime Warranty on all manufacturer defects. They will repair broken jewelry, missing crystals, and other defects at no cost. To get your piece repaired, please email or text me a picture of the jewelry piece, and I will send you a repair authorization number and the address you can send the piece to for repair. Mariana's repairs take approximately 6-8 weeks, though simple repairs are often much faster.


    Where To Buy Mariana

    En Reverie proudly carries over 1,300 Mariana Items at the best prices! Order any Mariana piece at En Reverie with free 2 Day Shipping for all orders over $50. You can also special order any Mariana item at no additional cost!

    See Mariana's beautiful jewelry here!

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