En Reverie’s necklace collections will dazzle you whether you are dressing up for evening wear, or just need something spectacular to wear on your casual day. Mariana Jewelry necklaces are well known for their vibrant, glamorous aesthetic. Take a look at their large drape necklaces for when you want to wear a statement piece that looks and feels spectacular. A Mariana cross necklace with a guardian angel pendant shows the timeless symbol of faith with a modern beauty. Mariana guardian angel necklaces carry the same guarantee of each piece of Mariana you purchase—a lifetime guarantee of quality.
A Liz Palacios necklace is a perfect element for your outfit today! Use it to stack with other necklaces, or wear it by itself. Liz Palacios uses large, stunning Swarovski crystals that will absolutely shimmer under the light. Liz Palacios uses classic shapes, like the rounded square and teardrop, to create truly elegant pieces of jewelry you will be proud to wear and show off. Liz Palacios necklaces come in antiqued metal finishes of gold or silver and use South American influences. You will fall in love with the movement and sparkle of these beautiful pieces.
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