Interview With Mariana Jewelry Founder, Mariana Ravid

interview with mariana jewelry founder

interview with mariana jewelry founder title


I am thrilled to share with you an exclusive interview with Mariana Jewelry founder, Mariana Ravid! Mariana has graciously taken time to answer some questions about her inspirations, her design process, as well as some words for her fans here in the United States. 

Mariana Jewelry was founded in 1997, as a creative outlet for Mariana's fascination with color. Color is the hallmark, inspiration and foundation for all of Mariana's designs. She is fascinated with how color families interact with each other, and how the colors in her jewelry can express a person's inner spirit and mood. In her words, "There are no neutral colors. Every color can make a statement about who we are and what we are feeling." 


KYLE: What inspired you to begin designing jewelry?


  • Love for my family
  • Nature - nature is the biggest inspiration for creating my jewelry. I get inspired during peaceful and calm moments in my life when I am surrounded by nature.


K: What influences do you draw from in making your designs?


  • Love for people
  • Small dreams that flow though me everyday
  • The fashion world and what is going on at the time
  • Looking at people – what they wear in their everyday lives.


K: Why do you feel color is so important?

M: While studying, I read a lot about the influences of color and people. Color can affect our emotions, pulse, stress, and concentration. EX: red = tense and high blood pressure, green/blue = calming. The most interesting effect is rainbow – it was proved that a rainbow brings optimal concentrations.


K: What colors do you feel represent you personally?

M: I always build my new designs in green – it gives me inspiration for a new beginning. Green represents growth – a new flower that’s blossoming.


K: What is your personal favorite Collection that you have released?

M: I love all of my collections I have created. They all have great meaning and are special to me in many ways. I truly loved creating the “Africa” collection. I was very inspired after my travels and used my experiences to create each unique color.


K: Any words for your fans here in the United States?

M: I’m so thrilled and excited for my customers in the US to see the new collection. Please continue to enjoy these unnecessary things for survival but bring us joy in our daily lives. It’s not something we NEED, but it is something that we need for our own wellbeing. I think of you all when I create a new collection. I think of the special moments when meeting you at events in the past. You really have made a huge impression on me and you are all a part of my process. I love and thank you for sharing your dreams with me. At our last event, many customers shared their hopes and dreams with me and I thank you for that. It bring me inspiration and joy!


Thank you Mariana for sharing your inspirations with us! Your jewelry has brought so much happiness to the world!

You can learn more about Mariana Jewelry here.


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