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about patricia locke

Description of Patricia Locke Jewelry

Patricia Locke is a contemporary jewelry line featuring Austrian crystals and modern designs. Her jewelry features organic forms evocative of bubbles, lily pads and rain. On the other hand, many of her pieces also include basic geometric shapes and structures. She often combines these two organic/inorganic elements together to create jewelry that evokes opposition and paradox. Patricia Locke's website describes her jewelry this way:

"Hallmarks of her work include her inspired asymmetry, tantalizing multi-metal combinations, and use of positive-negative space."

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Patricia Locke Bio

Chicago-native Patricia Locke began creating private-commision fine jewelry pieces in 1971, and has designed fashion jewelry collections since 1979. She is completely self-taught in art and jewelry design, and in the beginning stages of her company, personally travelled door-to-door to galleries to introduce her new collections.

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Patricia Locke Info


  • Ancient Coins
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Architecture
  • Religious Totems
  • Astronomy 


Patricia Locke releases 5 collections per year, with various designs and color stories. Her color stories are a group of colors representative of a theme. Her current color stories are the following:

  • All Crystal
  • Avalon
  • Black & White
  • Champagne
  • Crystal Pearl
  • Fling
  • Sugar
  • Tipsy
  • Water Lily
  • Zephyr 

Official Information


Patricia Locke

817 E Orchard St

Mundelein, IL 60060





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Patricia Locke Jewelry Details


  • Handmade in America
  • Antiqued 24k Gold and Sterling Silver plated over bronze and pewter. 
  • Austrian Crystals, Semiprecious Stones, and Faux Pearls
  • Earwires: Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver
  • Posts: Surgical Steel and Sterling Silver

Jewelry Care

Wipe regularly with a jeweler's cloth. All Patricia Locke pieces are coated in a protective lacquer, but all silver jewelry will develop a natural patina over time. Do not clean with chemicals. Avoid lotions and sweat. 


When possible, Patricia Locke strives to restore damaged pieces. Repairs usually take 5 days. Jewelry unfortunately cannot be replated.

Where To Buy Patricia Locke

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  • Author image
    Kyle Heath: October 05, 2018

    Thank you so much for sharing, Nancy! I am honored to carry her line, and have felt a strong connection to Patricia and Pam every time I see them. We just click! I have a deep respect for this brand, Patricia Locke is truly special! :)

  • Author image
    Nancy B Katz: October 05, 2018

    Hi Kyle,

    I’ve been collecting Patricia Locke jewelry since 1991. In addition to being a spectacular artist, Patricia is a very special, community oriented individual who supports many important and worthy causes. She has been an inspiration to many and is always willing to take a moment to visit. She has been particularly kind to my daughter, urging her to follow her dreams as Patricia followed hers. You could not be representing a finer artist or person. Congratulations on adding Patricia Locke to your family of jewelers!

    Good wishes,

    Nancy Katz

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