Mariana Sweet Life Collection and Catalog

Mariana Sweet Life Collection and Catalog

Announcing Mariana Sweet Life!

Mariana's Fall 2018 Collection is here, and it's called The Sweet Life. Inspired by all the yummy treats we like to eat, these tasty colors are simply irresistible!

 The Mariana Sweet Life collection is full of spunky bright tones and smoky soft neutrals. As usual, Mariana offers all colorways in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. We feature items in our recommended color, but you can always special order an item in any finish you like!



The Blondie colorway takes its name from the blonde brownie--a brownie minus the chocolate! The primary colors in this Sweet Life colorway are soft greens and spunky yellows. The yellow and topaz crystal tones remind me of the delicious blonde vanilla bar, and the lighter green crystals make me think of my favorite addition to take this dessert over the top--a scoop of ice cream. What a dream!



Holy Cannoli! This sugary color family is inspired by the cannoli, a fried dough wrapped into a tube and filled with cream. Our local grocery store makes these, and it is one of Caroline's comfort foods! Mariana uses a mix of neutral Swarovski crystals, as well as pops of indicolite blue, apricot, and light peach.



A little caramel on top makes every dessert better! We really like this jewelry in Gold plating to emphasize the other caramel tones in this piece--lots of smoky topaz neutrals. I personally think of this as the Pumpkin Spice colorway--a perfect way to treat yourself this Fall!


Cotton Candy

Mariana's Cotton Candy is simply delectable. The marketing image above is subtitled: What Happiness Tastes Like. Cotton Candy uses bubblegum tones of Pinks, Purples and Blues. These youthful colors remind me of summers at the state fair--so much brightness and fun!


Creme Brulee

Mariana's Creme Brulee colors bring the Sweet Life back to Fall again. Creme Brulee is a french custard with a crunchy crust--magnifique! This tasty French dessert reminds me of our recent adventure in the South of France. I think of Mariana's Creme Brulee colorway as the Fall Leaves color set! Rich Red, Vivid Yellows and Soft Topaz and Pink. 


French Silk

French Silk
Mariana's French Silk features metallic neutral tones. A cool slate blue is the dominant color along with a shiny pyrite stone. This is a unique new neutral for Mariana's Fall collection, sure to be a hit for lovers of hematite and pyrite jewelry.



From France we fly to Italy for some Gelato! Hyacinth Red is the dominant color here, with a complimentary Denim Blue taking the backseat. I love the richness of the red Hyacinth--and it is evocative of the fruity gelato flavors you'd see at an Italian ice cream stand!



Italian Ice

Italian Ice
Italian Ice has already taken the reign as Mariana Sweet Life's most popular color way. It is also the most striking--cool, icy blues and clear neutrals, with a unique synthetic opal stone featured in most of the pieces. I've chose Italian Ice for most of our Sweet Life advertising, because it is just so photogenic! For dessert fact fans: the difference between italian ice and gelato is that italian ice does not have any dairy.



Mariana Macaroon is a lovely collection of soft, light colors. The primary tone is lilac, and many of the jewelry pieces feature a synthetic mauve pearl. Some pieces also include a pop of canary yellow. 



Peppermint is another neutral color way that features a pop of color. Primarily Jet Black and Black Diamond, Peppermint also features Sherry Quartz and Rose  tones. So sharp and clean! 


Tutti Frutti

tutti frutti
We finish Mariana's The Sweet Life with the candy colors of Tutti Frutti. Featuring Green and Rose tones, we love this jewelry in a Rose Gold plating, which makes it seem extra rich! Tutti Frutti also uses an iridescent Vitrail stone.


Mariana Sweet Life Catalog

Want to see all the jewelry in the Sweet Life catalog? Check it out here! You can order any item in the catalog.

Mariana Sweet Life Catalog Cover 


Which Sweet Life Color Is Your Favorite?

So which color do you like the most? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading, and please call or email me if you have any questions!




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