Enreverie has the earrings to dazzle your daytime or evening look! Our Mariana earrings are handmade in Israel with lovely Swarovski crystals. Mariana jewelry is known worldwide for its quality and stunning color collections. Its spiritual designs feature crosses, the Hebrew Star of David, and other meaningful symbols. Every Mariana earring has a lifetime warranty, and can be sent in for repair free of charge.
For an exotic look, our Michal Golan earrings feature designs like the evil eye and hamsas. Michal Golan styles are inspired by Middle Eastern & Byzantine designs and use semi-precious stones.
If you are looking for a statement, our Liz Palacios earrings have large Swarovski crystals, elegant colors and lots of movement. Liz Palacios uses South American influences as well as timeless designs like teardrops and rounded squares, and they feature trendy color sets like turquoise, blue, and plenty of neutrals.
Anne Koplik earrings are the perfect pick for weddings and bridal parties, with gorgeous art deco inspired designs with a lovely complexity. For a look that will never be forgotten, Anne Koplik dragonfly earrings are a must have. Who knew insects could be so cute? It’s no wonder these pieces have been featured on Dancing with the Stars, the Bachelorette, and countless others!

See all our gorgeous earring collections and find which one works perfectly for your style!