About Sorrelli Jewelry

About Sorrelli Jewelry

Sorrelli Jewelry is a company that really knows who they are. The name comes from the italian word “sorrele”, which means “sisters”, and this idea of sisterhood is the core of their values. 

Part of how Sorrelli embodies sisterhood is its close connection with family. Sorrelli has been a family-run business since it started in 1983. Founder Lisa Oswald started making her own jewelry because she wanted to stand out in all the cool New York parties she was attending! The jewelry was a hit, so she got help from family members to build a business for others to wear her catchy designs.

Sorrelli bracelet

Today, the company is run by Lisa’s daughter Lily, and Lisa still designs everything! The Oswald family is the core and lifeblood of the Sorrelli company.

The name Sorrelli also expresses the sisterhood of all women. The employees are 93% female, and Sorrelli uses their social media to promote an encouraging message of empowerment to females—celebrating female entrepreneurship and women doing great work.

Sorrelli’s main styles are classic and timeless. They prominently feature austrian crystal in simple designs, with primarily neutral color palettes, with occasional color ways that have vivid color ways. We stock many of the vivid styles, because this is what En Reverie customers tend to love! Sorrelli also releases an Urban collection with more funky, contemporary styles. I wonder if this collection embodies some of the spirit of Lisa’s early jewelry making for her New York parties!

Sorrelli earrings

Sorrelli is committed to making quality jewelry that can be handed down multiple generations, so they have a lifetime free repair policy for jewelry defects. And for any reason, you can send in broken jewelry for repair for a small fee, as well as a professional cleaning. They’ll make single earrings to match your set too, if you happen to lose an earring! I like the policy of never retiring a jewelry style or color way—it means that favorites from their almost-40 years are still accessible.

The jewelry is designed in the US, and then handmade in their studio in Shanghai—a studio they consider to be as much Sorrelli as the US studio in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The women in the Shanghai studio make each piece by hand. Sorrelli uses ethically sourced materials; brass, a variety of metal platings, and quality austrian fabricated crystals.

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