OX Legacy Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Wraparound Frame

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  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses Designed to Reduce Incoming Light from the Blue Light Spectrum, OX Blue Light Blocking Lenses also Block 100% of UV Light
  • High Quality Lens for Comfort While Reading, Looking at a Computer or Phone, or Watching TV
  • Enjoy Reading or Computer Work at Night Without Disrupting Sleep
  • Prevent Eye Fatigue and Eye Strain From Squinting at Bright Screens in the Evening
  • Lightweight Frame and Thin, Transparent, Scratch Resistant Lenses
Style Number: OX-G-8

OX Legacy Blue Light Blocking Glasses help prevent blue light from reaching your eyes during the evening, which can help you sleep better at night. Exposure to light during the evening can disrupt a natural sleep cycle, but sometimes it just isn't possible to shut off the computer or put away the phone. OX Legacy's yellow lenses reduce incoming light from the blue light spectrum. OX Legacy lenses are surprisingly clear, with a comfortable frame for nighttime use watching TV, looking at a computer, tablet, or any backlit screen. OX Legacy: be legendary.


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