Enreverie bracelets are the perfect complement to your look, whether you like matching or mixing. Our Mariana bracelets are made with dazzling Swarovski crystals, and come in dainty sizes, medium tennis bracelet styles, as well as large statement pieces! Mariana jewelry is known for its creative use of colors; we have a Mariana jewelry bracelet for absolutely any color you can think of! Every year they redefine their style with new collections, invigorating old styles with gorgeous new color combinations, as well as introducing new trendy designs. And as always, Mariana offers a lifetime warranty on every piece of jewelry.
Michal Golan bracelets are known for their eye-catching detail, and captivating Middle-Eastern themes. They creatively use semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, and enamel to evoke mysterious, fabulous jewelry! Take a look at our Michal Golan evil eye bracelets for a true conversation piece in all sorts of striking colors. Eye jewelry is traditionally worn for good luck, and to ward away evil influences. Michal Golan also creates lovely cross bracelets. These pieces take a timeless, meaningful symbol of faith, and make it into a beautiful modern symbol of spirituality.
Look through our collections of bracelets, and find just the right one to express who you are!